About Us


Company NamePearl Mannequin Co.,Ltd.
Head Office4045 Noda Shinden,Mizuho-shi,Gifu,501-0232
EstablishmentSeptember 26,1956
CapitalJPY 30,000,000
RepresentativeGoto Yasuhiro
OfficeHead Office, Tokyo Square, Nagoya Square, Osaka Square, Gifu Branch Office, Saitama Branch Office, Fukuoka Branch Office, Sendai Office, Chiba Office, Yokohama Office, Niigata Office, Shizuoka Office, Nagano Office, Mie Office, Pearl Depot Kanto Commercial Distribution Center, Pearl Depot Tokai Commercial Distribution Center, Pearl Depot Kansai Commercial Distribution Center, Mannequin Museum
Affiliated Subsidiary CompanyPearl Mannequin (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
Qualification Special Construction-Minister of Construction Authorization Number
General Building,Carpentry,Interior Finishing
First Class Architest Office-Governor of Gifu Registration No.10977
The number of employees 213(April,2019)
Principal Correspondent BankOgaki Kyoristu Bank Hozumi Office, Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Nagoyaekimae Office,Mizuho Bank Gifu Office
Business Line Production,sale and rental of mannequin and various bodies
Plan, production, sale and rental of various display furnitures
Plan, designed construction of store and commercial facility
Plan, design and construction of exhibition and fair
Principal Customer Nationwide main volume retailer, Apparel manufacturer,Narionwide main fashion chain store,Various specialty store,Nationwide main trading company , and etc.