Suddenly,a ray of light like hail shined in darkness

Indigo blue of the darkness , and yellow of the light
When these colors faded into one another, green is born.
This color signifies the beginning of the life, and creates factors to live with further light.

The light surely dropped a green nucleus.
Soon after, it carried a tiny human shaped life.
It filmed and filmed in the ocean, and was gradually formed into a pearl.
This was the beginning of PEARL MANNEQUIN.

The time went by with twists and turns,
the pearl transformed from its distorted shape whilst being surrounded by beauty and harmony.
It grows up by the faithful feeling of people.

Those feelings gathered as is they were drawn to something.
They changed into a color of great depth and shined themselves further more.

That shine becomes the light of sympathy.
It lights up the dark bottom of the sea and shows the way to the earth.

Half a century passed since that.
With putting sympathy of the gleam one after another,
with making the vogue into a shape, A pearl is getting closer to a globe.
toward the boundless big dream