When I was hesitating about whether or not to succeed my fathger in his agriculture business and I didn't have a future vision. Then one day it hailed unseasonably and the orchard garden was devestated.
I realized natures marvel. This occurrence gave me a revelation and the opportunity of shifting course into the mannequin industry.

To acquire the production technique of mannequin, I and my wife became live-in trainees and trained for about 1 month.
Prototype from those days is displayed as a fetal movement in the entrance of the head office even now.

After our training, we established our company in our home prefecture, Gifu.
Fiber was the material of mannequins in those days and glue was used as an adhesive.
We painted whiting on the surface, and polished it with sandpaper after it had dried.

This photograph is finishing arms made of fiber at our garden.