About Us


A Visual Merchandising Company
that Imagines and Creates Comfortable Consumer Lifestyles


Since 1956, Pearl Mannequin, a force in the field of space creation, has provided comfortable commercial spaces for consumers. Based on a concept of “making the vogue into a shape" – capturing a slice of the times – the company has fused sensory visual techniques with skilled craftsmanship to create stylish architecture, design business facilities, create displays, promote events, and make other valuable contributions to society.
In order to bring our customers the satisfaction and happiness they deserve, we hope to remain always market-conscious and innovative. It is our mission to provide solutions for places where people meet and communicate, drawing their hearts closer together.
Our activities are based on people. Instead of adopting the view that “our business is people," however, we subscribe to the notion that “people are our business," hoping to focus our operations on the Big Family Principle, a compassionate, sensitive model for business, as we progress into the future. Human creativity is infinite, and the inspiration to shape the future is the driving force behind the evolution and development of our company. Corporate activities that forge bonds between people and hearts form the wellspring of new wonder and excitement.
As the world grows flat and interpersonal communication transcends the boundaries of time and distance, commercial space – the juncture between a virtual society with rapidly evolving information communication technology and real, human society – is becoming more and more important.
We will work together with our customers to achieve dynamic commercial space, which requires both a community-building perspective in the broad sense and a lifestyle creation perspective in a more limited sense.
Join us as we explore the new media of space, striving to make consumer life always pleasant and comfortable.